Our Wilmington Design Office is Now Open! To better serve our clients in Northern New Castle County, Middletown Kitchen and Bath now has a design office located in North Wilmington in zip code 19810. The office is open by appointment, and is staffed by expert designer, custom wood worker, and antique restoration specialist Charles Rifon, Jr.  Our main office and showroom remains in Middletown, Delaware. However, this local design office will allow us to offer a higher level of service and convenience to our customers in northern New Castle County. Mr. Rifon will perform personalized field measuring, design and estimating software using the latest technology from 2020 Design Software Solution. 2020 Spaces. Owner/Operator Mark Gandy will perform all project management. Our Wilmington Design Office will be stocked with the latest options from Showplace Wood Products. Showplace Wood Products.  The office can be reached at 302-475-5048.

Food for Thought: Per the National Association of Home Builders ” interest in remodeling has never been greater. If you are an owner of an aging structure (or you plan to purchase one), you may be dissatisfied with some aspect of the property. Remodeling can turn your home into the one you always wanted. A remodeling project has no clear-cut beginning, middle, or end. The process begins long before anyone drives the first nail and continues for some time after the crews leave. However, each project is organized in a logical way. Surprises certainly will crop up, but the more you know about the process, the better prepared you will be to deal with these situations. Remodeling your home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. To ensure a memorable experience, take the time to choose a remodeler who understands your needs, speaks you language, and respects your lifestyle.”

That remodeler is by far Middletown Kitchen and Bath.