GUEST POST: Anita Franco

Preparing for A Successful At-Home Bathroom Renovation


A bathroom renovation can add value to your home, or make a tired and neglected area of your home a place of luxury and relaxation. If you are planning to renovate or remodel your bathroom, there are a few steps to consider before you start pulling out sinks or getting your hands dirty. As with other renovations, just a little preparation and the right tools go a long way.


Before You Start Your Bathroom Renovation


Remodeling some or all of your home can be exciting. In fact, you might be tempted to jump right in and get to work. But hold back and don’t begin purchasing paints or pulling down walls until you have thought through all your options. You need to decide exactly what you want the end result to look like and consider your time, tools, and tactics before taking on what can be a massive job.


There’s more to the process than deciding color schemes, replacement fixtures, storage space, and where everything will go. If you are considering doing the work yourself, you’ll also need to ensure you have the right tools for the job. Something like an oscillating multi-tool can prove a big help, as it can perform many diverse tasks.

It’s also essential that you consider whether you have the ability to get the work done in a reasonable amount of time. No one wants to be washing up in the kitchen or sharing a small en suite for the next year while you struggle to complete the project.


The extent of your bathroom renovations will partially dictate the tools you need. Power tools and hacksaws may not be needed if you are planning to simply install made-to-measure bathroom units and shower cubicles. Equally, if you are intending to retile wet areas, you’ll need the right equipment and specialist skills to keep everything square.


Contract Specialist Jobs


Not all renovation jobs were created equal. Some tasks require more brawn than brains, while other elements may require specialist skills. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating should be left to the professionals unless you are personally skilled in these areas.


Faulty wiring and plumbing can end in disaster. Doing the work yourself, without the proper certifications, can affect your insurance if something goes wrong. Worse, it can impact your house resale value if you can’t provide the proper documentation for the works that have been completed.


Removing bathroom fixtures and drywall is very different to installing new items, and this can be done by most DIYers with a little know-how.


Toilets will need to be drained before removing, and baths and showers covered by drop-sheets before taking down walls to access the plumbing behind. Cabinets and bathroom units should be taken out with care if you’re planning to reuse them. Safety gear should be worn for these types of tasks. Protective eye wear, gloves and safety masks are a must, especially when pulling down walls or fixtures.

Shop Around for Fixtures


When looking for bathroom fixtures and furnishings, take the time to shop around and find the right style to match the new look your aiming for. Also think further ahead than initial installation.  


Will the style and finishes be easy to clean? Are they durable? Will they date quickly and need replacing sooner than you’ll want to redo the bathroom again? These are all good questions to ask when purchasing items for your bathroom remodel.


It is also worth weighing up the pros and cons of buying bathroom fixtures and necessities in parts or as partially pre assembled items. Pre-cut and partially finished options can be faster, easier, and cheaper to install than fully customized build-it-as-you-go options.


It may seem like there’s a lot to get through before you start remodeling your bathroom. Once you’ve considered your project from all angles, you need to decide which parts you are capable of taking on yourself, the style you want to achieve, the tools you’ll need, and the parts you want to install. But, once you’ve made it through these tasks, you’re ready to get your hands dirty and begin transforming your space.